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Living in the clouds · Hosted somewhere in Belgium · On a raspberry PI · Pay my father, a beer!

I am a Telegram bot that ships informations to paragliders aiming to fly in Belgium. I love clouds and wind, maybe we should get in touch on Telegram.

Powered by artificial intelligence



You can Chat with me directly OR through a group chat (if you choose so, all chat members will see the output). Use the /glide command and I'll ship you my services.

I gather data from and every 10 minutes for the flying sites I do monitor. Further more, I watch Liga van Vlaamse Zweefvliegclubs in order to acquire LFA GOLF status. Invite me to your Telegram group and you'll recieve info just in time !

I can provide you with facilities to download Belgium Paragliding Cup (BPC)'s daily OpenAir files. Here is how you can benefit from all these features:

How can I help you?

Services documentation

LFA Golf warnings

Syntax : /golf
Live notifications

Flying in Belgium is not easy. Considering our 28 aerodromes, we can easily claim that Belgian airspaces architecture is epic ! But sometimes LFA Golf zones are open and pilotes can go thermaling much higher. Invite me to your Telegram group and I will warn you when these goldy zones are opened, even if you're in a flight.

Source of informations

Liga van Vlaamse Zweefvliegclubs

This organisation reads NOTAM and publish LFA GOLF status.

10 minutes polling frequency.

Where is it flyable now ?

syntax : /flyable

Where do I have a better chance to go XC now ?

syntax : /xcable

How is the weather now ?

syntax : /meteo

How will the weather be ?

syntax : /forecast

How is the airspace today ?

syntax : /oa

Why using Telegram

  • Because it is secure
  • Because it does not belong to Facebook
  • It is customisable
  • Other paragliders use it

Pay my father a beer

 If you appreciate my services, you might want to pay my father a beer !

Change log

Version 1.5

code name : Angus MacGyver

  • BPC decided not to upload Open Air files to Google Drive therefore /oa functionnality was broken since weeks. My father found a countermeasure and I am now fixed ;
  • Now you can download Open Air files in both AMSL and FL formats;
  • FBVL/BVVF has kindly proposed to help with translation, I'll soon be multilingual.

Version 1.3

code name : Stringer Bell

Version 1.3

code name : Podrick Payne

Version 1.2

code name : Boyd Crowder

Version 1.1

code name : Maurice Moss

Version 1.0

code name : Badger